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Thrustmaster Tunnel Thrusters

Driven By:

Electric Motor or Diesel Engine

Power Range:

From 150 hp to 5,000 hp

Power Range:

From 100 kW to 3,500 kW

Tunnel Diameters:

762 mm (30") to 3455 mm (136")

Thrustmaster Tunnel Thrusters are used to develop bow or stern lateral thrust under extreme load conditions for slow speed maneuvering of marine vessels or demanding offshore applications including dynamic positioning. Thrustmaster electric motor or diesel engine driven Tunnel Thrusters are available from 150 hp (100 kW) up to 5,000 hp (3,500 kW) with tunnel diameters from 762 mm (30 inch) up to 3,455 mm (136 inch).

Made with fixed pitch propellers, Thrustmaster Tunnel Thrusters are designed for diesel engine driven or variable speed electric motor input in the L-Drive configuration. A bi-directional electric motor with variable frequency drive can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the thruster depending on the given space restrictions. A diesel engine with a marine gear can also be used.

Thrustmaster Tunnel Thrusters can be supplied complete with electric motors and drives or they can be made to fit flange and shaft end of a customer supplied or shipyard supplied electric motor. Many sizes are available to suit specific applications. Some models have ABS Type Approval. Thrusters up to and including model 90TT2000-ML do not require external cooling, any heat generated by the gears and bearings is dissipated through the pod housing to the surrounding seawater. Models larger than 90TT2000-ML require an external lubrication circulation and cooling system.

Thrustmaster manufactures heavy duty commercial marine propulsion and thrusters developed in-house by the engineering department for mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic design. Tooling includes machining and measuring equipment, CAD, vessel resistance and propulsion, 3D modeling and ANSYS Finite Element Analysis.

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