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Thrustmaster Waterjets

100 Series - 7 Models:

From 100kW to 900kW

Control System Options:

Mechanical / Electronic

Integral Reduction Box:

To Commercial Ratings

100 Series Impeller:

6 Blade / High Thrust

Thrustmaster DOEN 100 Series range of waterjets are available in seven model sizes ranging from 100kW to 900kW to accommodate vessels from 6 metre (20 feet) up to 20 metre (65 feet). The 100 Series range of waterjets are available with several control system options from simple mechanical systems to sophisticated fully electronic control system options, including joystick docking.

An integral reduction box provides perfect impeller matching without the need for a marine gear. The fully integrated step down box uses wide faced, ground helical gears supported with high capacity taper roller bearings. This robust arrangement has been designed and tested to commercial ratings.

Impeller technology is based upon the DOEN axial flow impeller designs. The 100 series impeller employs a six blade configuration with a longer progressive pitch profile that results in higher thrust throughout the speed range and unrivalled cavitation resistance. High thrust ten inch pump is optimally sized to best suit the target engine’s power range and target vessel size and weight envelope. The axial flow pump efficiently converts input power into a high volume jet flow delivering high thrust, increased range and more payload with reduced fuel burn.

The 100 Series is installed using DOEN’s quick and simple transom mounting method. This results in less intrusion into valuable inboard space. The split duct-reversing bucket provides excellent high thrust reverse maneuverability. This is power operated by a high force, 12V DC actuator, thereby eliminating hydraulics. The 100 Series range of waterjets are designed and rated for continuous commercial heavy-duty use.

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