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Uflex Power C Electronic Control System

Engine Controls:

Throttle / Gear Shift

Number of Engines:

Single or Twin

Control Method:

Electronic or Manual

System Fail Warning:

Audible / Visual alarms

The Uflex Power C Electronic Control System is a distributed intelligence system featuring one microprocessor in each control head for each lever and two microprocessors in each actuator to operate the clutch and the throttle of the engine. The digital data transmission between the control head and the actuator microprocessors utilises a CAN Bus 4-conductor shielded cable that reduces any possible interference and guarantees the maximum reliability.

The system is designed for single or twin-engine vessels up to 35 metre (115 feet) utilising one actuator for each engine and one single lever control for each control station. The pre-assembled electric cables (Plug & Play connectors) guarantee fast and easy installation avoiding connection mistakes. In the event of system failure the audible and visual diagnostic alarms advise the cause of the problem in a very easy and quick way. The actuators can then be converted to manual operation thanks to a built-in mechanical device.

The standard twin-engine synchronisation system reduces the vibrations and the noise of the engines for high comfort and higher engine efficiency. The docking function, which comes standard with the system, permits to reduce the maximum RPM of the engine and allows the operator to use the complete movement of the lever during the docking maneuver.

The Uflex Power C Electronic Control System meets CEI EN 60945 safety standards. Additional safety features include start in gear protection, low clutch oil pressure alarm, safety manual maneuver device on the actuator and proportional shift delays.

Uflex Power C Electronic Control System clients include:-

Navy, Coastguard, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, professional user information to follow

Contact Details:-

Uflex USA Inc - 6442 Parkland Drive, Sarasota, Florida 34243, USA

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