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Moose Boats M2 Catamaran



Stable / Shallow draft

M2 Catamaran:

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Outboard / Stern Drive / Surface Drive

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Moose Boats M2 Catamarans are rugged, fast catamarans which meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement, fire, rescue, security and military applications. The M2 Catamaran’s wide stance and catamaran hull provides a fast, stable, shallow draft platform to support a variety of mission-specific needs.

Moose Boats M2 Catamarans are smooth riding, safe and fast. There are 3 basic hulls with various cabin configurations and cabin interior layouts to meet the end user’s needs. Catamaran hulls give full walk-around decks which are stable under working conditions and provide for significantly less roll in rough seas as well as excellent sea handling capabilities in severe open water conditions.

Moose Boats unique symmetrical planing hull provides excellent sea handling capability as well as an extremely stable and safe platform for rescue and dive operations. The catamaran’s efficient twin hulls enable fast response in open water or in the shallows with minimum draft and minimum wake. The rugged jet drive and outboard powered boats are fast and highly manoeuvrable. Level, flat and fast at 36 knots, a jet drive Moose Boat can stop in less than two boat lengths.

Aluminium has a high strength to weight ratio giving strong, light boats with good fuel efficiency. The Moose Boats M2 craft are corrosion and impact resistant and require minimal maintenance. Multiple propulsion options can be tailored to support application requirements on all hulls. Propulsion options range from outboard power, stern drive, surface drive or water jets. Most of these options and configurations can be interchanged on any hulls, further customizing the boat to a specific application.

Moose Boats M2 Catamaran clients include:-

Navy, Coast Guard, Search & Rescue. Professional user information to follow

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Moose Boats - 274 Sears Point Road, Petaluma, CA, 94954 USA

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