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Metal Shark Aluminium Boats are specifically designed for the rugged demands of government, military and commercial use. The Metal Shark management and engineering departments are composed of Webb Insitute trained naval architects and naval engineers specializing in the design of new and innovative products.

Each Metal Shark is created to clients exacting specifications with the latest two and three dimensional design software. Metal Shark offer a broad range of options with specialized features designed to meet a particular set of mission requirements. Craft can be capable of operating in extreme heat or cold, trailerable or with folding cabins to allow air transport.

Metal Shark generates exacting computerized cut files for each aluminium hull component. All parts are then precision-cut using computer controlled routers and water jets. All parts are then precision-cut using computer controlled routers and water jets. Metal Shark guarantees precision tolerances, accurate craftsmanship and the highest levels of quality. Heavy-duty 5086 aluminium alloy plating is used for the hull bottom, sides, stringers and bulkheads. All decks are welded to the stringer system, and open under deck areas are foam filled. This provides additional floatataion plus a quieter ride.

Metal Shark have primarily focussed on the military, law enforcement and commercial sectors. Metal Shark has a wide range of existing designs or can custom design to customer specific agency and mission requirements. Metal Shark sells direct to qualified government and commercial organisations. Various Metal Shark boats are available on GSA schedule.

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