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Midnight Express 39' Interceptor

Overall Length:

12 metre / 39 feet 2"

Overall Width / Beam:

2.9 metre / 9 feet 6"


5850 kgs / 13,000 lbs

Recommended Power:

Multiple Outboards

Midnight Express 39 Centre Console interceptors are employed by agencies and governments around the world to apprehend other boats on the water. Whether coupled with triple or quad outboard motors the Midnight Express 39 is a very high speed craft. The spacious decks and various seating options allow it to be configured for multiple roles.

The Midnight Express 39 Centre Console hull delivers a dry ride, smooth performance, steady handling and usable speed in a wide range of sea conditions. The deep-V hull enables professional organisations to operate in rough sea conditions. Design features include Opti-Step drag reduction system, monocoque construction, Precision Interlock stringer system and Maxi-Bond transom.

The Midnight Express SEA COMMAND console assists operators to pilot the craft and run operations from a central command centre. The SEA COMMAND customizable console provides ergonomics that are set-up to suit the individual requirements of demanding professional operations. The expansive console area enables multiple large screen instrumentation and electronics configurations that can be designed by the end-user.

Midnight Express offer custom AEROLINE tops that can be configured to match specific requirements. Options include a T-top to give greater deck space or expansive military tops for maximum protection from the elements. AEROLINE tops have a proprietary internal I-beam construction for maximum strength. Total Access Systems consist of optimal component placement that ensures efficient access to mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components. Midnight Express is a GSA contractor.

Midnight Express 39 Centre Console clients include:-

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