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KND 30 Patrol

Overall Length:

29.8 metre / 98 feet

Overall Width / Beam:

6.6 metres / 21' 6"


30 knots


Caterpillar C32 / 3 DRB 500 Waterjet

The KND 30 Patrol was designed as a multi-role vessel. The KND 30 Patrol can carry passengers and troops together with supplies or be used as a Fast Patrol Vessel. A typical application for this high speed ballistic protected aluminium vessel is to transport crew safely to and from oil rigs.

The KND 30 Patrol design objective is a vessel capable of achieving 30 knots, carrying 24 passengers with full accommodation for 6 permanent crew and 12 sleeping quarters for passengers, with ballistic protection. The vessel is powered by 3 Caterpillar C32 engines linked to 3 MJP DRB 500 waterjets.

The KND 30 Patrol construction is an aluminium hull, approved by BV, together with a composite ballistic protected superstructure. The combination of aluminium and composites superstructure has increased the efficiency of the vessel as well as the production capacity.

Kobus Naval Design (KND) is a South African organisation comprising two companies, a naval architectural & design company and a ship building company, known as KND Projects. KND Naval Design has a design office in Cape Town and KND Projects has manufacturing premises located within the Simon's Town Naval Dockyard.

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KND - Kobus Naval Design, Studio 404, Old Castle Brewery 

6 Beach Road, Woodstock, Cape Town 8000, South Africa TEL +27 (0) 21 448 9464

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