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ReconCraft Patrol Craft

Hull Material:


Hull Reinforcement:

Hardkor Coating

Hull Reinforcement:

UHMW Polyethylene


Shallow Water / Debris

ReconCraft Patrol Craft are specifically designed and manufactured for riverine and shallow water operations. The ReconCraft team understand the importance of a well-designed vessel and how this can impact on mission effectiveness and crew safety for military, law enforcement and rescue operations. By combining an extensive background of operational experience with world-class marine design and manufacturing ReconCraft vessels are developed for extreme professional applications.

The ReconCraft engineering team has a philosophy of continuous improvement based on a two stage approach to optimize platform design and capability for estuary, riverine and shallow water applications. Firstly, utilising the most advanced engineering and design programs, including Ship Constructor, SolidWorks and Rhino to develop components and prototypes. Then aggressively testing each product, making changes and re-testing until the desired outcome is achieved.

ReconCraft delivers craft that are able to operate in shallow waterways flooded with obstructions and debris. Innovations include the ‘Weed & Debris Grate’ to enable water-jet propelled craft to operate in dense weeds and vegetation. Modifications of existing jet tunnel designs increase flow rate through the impeller which reduces the depth of water necessary for propulsion. Use of Hardkor polyurea and UHWM derivative on keel pads and hull coatings allows ReconCraft to slide over obstructions and areas with little water. These features enable operators to patrol in previously inaccessible areas.

ReconCraft Deployable Training Team (RCDTT) consists of subject matter experts, including former military and law enforcement vessel operators and maintenance managers. RCDTT understand the necessity to maximize operational readiness, both of personnel and equipment, and provide support to develop and maintain these critical skills. ReconCraft courses include training plans, training materials and practical testing with translation options.

ReconCraft clients include:-

US Customs & Borders, US Army, US Navy, US National Park Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service, US Bureau of Reclamation, Ecuadorian Armed Forces, Belize Defense Force, Peruvian Navy

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320 Nevada Street, Suite 301, Newton, MA 02460 USA  TEL: +1 (877) 645-7761 

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