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Textron Motor Life Boat MLB 47

Overall Length:

15.4 metre / 50 feet 6"

Overall Width / Beam:

4.3 metre / 14 feet


4 Crew / 17 Passengers


2 x 490 hp CAT C12

Textron Marine & Land’s 47 foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB) is a rugged, highly survivable all-aluminium rescue boat designed to perform search and rescue operations in heavy weather conditions. Modern navies, coastguards and professional organisations require rugged vessels that can operate in multi-mission roles. Because MLB is capable in 50 knot wind conditions and 20 foot surf, the MLB is a proven multipurpose platform that offers a high level of survivability.

The lightweight, rugged, marine grade aluminium hull can withstand impacts from 20 foot breaking waves at three times the force of gravity. The 47 foot MLB can transit in excess of 25 knots, providing a significant response time during life threatening situations. The MLB design has an inherent self-righting capability. When pitch-poled or rolled into swells MLB will self-right in less than 10 seconds with all machinery remaining fully operational.

The MLB operates with a crew of 4 and accommodates up to 5 passengers. For maximum safety and efficiency the boat’s four operator’s stations can be controlled from port or starboard, from either an open bridge position or from inside the enclosed bridge. The watertight survivor’s compartment is climate-controlled and offers critical temperature adjustments and an environment for medical aid.

The MLB features shock absorbing operator seats outfitted with lap belts, lumbar support and arm rests. The user-friendly electronics are within easy reach of the operator and navigator. The fly-by-wire navigation and control systems offer exceptionally responsive manoeuvring. The enclosed bridge is easily accessible from the open bridge, aft deck or engine room. Large windows permit maximum line-of-sight vision and are outfitted with heaters, defrosters and wiper / washers.

Textron Motor Life Boat MLB 47 clients include:-

US Coast Guard, Search & Rescue, professional user information to follow

Contact Details:-

Textron Systems - 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 400, Washington DC 20004 USA

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