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Alunautic Pilot Boats

Standard Models:

Up To 20 Metre / 65 Feet

Hull Construction:

4mm / 6mm Welded Aluminium

Hull Compartments:

Foam Filled

Power Options:

Outboard / Inboard / Water Jet

Alunautic Pilot Boats are a range of commercial vessels up to 20 metre (65 feet) in length. Alunautic Pilot Boat designs can also be used as patrol boats and multi-role craft. The layout enables these craft to be used for search and rescue or for fire fighting roles. All types of propulsion systems including propeller, stern drives and water jets can be installed for hybrid, diesel and gasoline engines.

Depending on the length of craft, and the intended use of the craft, hull and deck construction utilises 4mm or 6 mm aluminium. Hulls and decks are chain welded on the inside and fully welded on the outside. The light weight aluminium construction of Alunautic hulls results in reduced overall craft weight and lower fuel consumption. Lower weights assist in transportation, including launching from trailers or launch and recovery using dockside / onboard davit systems.

All Alunautic Pilot Boats have non-skid and self bailing decks. An additional safety feature is the 2x2 separate foam filled compartments in the hull. Standard fittings on all craft are self-contained anchor compartment with access hatch, hoisting points and 2 mooring bollards. Alunautic craft can be built to international classification standards as required.

Alunautic offers four separate aluminium boat lines. Alunautic Foam Collar Craft and RIBs are available in 5 standard models with an overall length of 7 metre to 11 metre. Alunautic Deep V boats are available in 3 standard models with an overall length of 4.5 metre to 6.5 metre. Alunautic Work Boats are available in 3 standard models with an overall length of 4.5 metre to 6.5 metre. Alunautic Landing Craft are available in 7 standard models with an overall length of 5.5 metre to 15.5 metre.

Alunautic clients include:-

Inland Water Control Nigeria, BBA Holland, Fishing Comp Sweijgers, Greenpeace

Contact Details:-

Euro Offshore B.V. - Beatrixhaven 19, 4251 NK Werkendam, The Netherlands TEL: +31 183 500 765 

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