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EPS Hovercraft 2.2

Overall Length - Operational:

11 metre / 36 feet

Overall Width - Operational:

4.80 metre / 15 feet 9"

Disposable Load:

2200 kg / 4850 lbs

Calm Water Range:

500 Nautical Miles

The EPS Hovercraft 2.2 is an 11m (36 feet) fully composite craft that is designed for 2 crew and 20 passengers. This configuration can be altered to suit the requirements of the end user and to allow for additional equipment. The EPS 2.2 is a fully amphibious air cushion vessel capable of speeds up to 40 knots that can operate fully loaded in winds up to 25 knots and 1m (3 feet) seas, as well as over virtually any terrain including sand, ice and road surfaces.

The EPS 2.2 Hovercraft is powered by a single standard diesel engine for lift and thrust. Air from the direct driven lift fan is ducted into the skirt to support the hovercraft on a low pressure cushion of air while thrust is provided by the low noise, controllable pitch, ducted propeller mounted aft. The hull, superstructure and ancillaries are all constructed of advanced lightweight FRP composite materials using fibreglass, Kevlar or carbon where required. Windows are made from polycarbonate or toughened safety glass where required.

The wheelhouse is fitted out for a commander and navigator or additional passenger, with all instrumentation ergonomically positioned for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The standard passenger cabin seating comprises removable, upholstered bench seats. Seating and the payload bay can be configured to accommodate end user passenger and cargo requirements.

The EPS 2.2 can be airlifted in a 40 foot container or road transported on a standard flat bed truck. The EPS 2.2 Hovercraft is designed to the British Hovercraft Safety Requirements and the relevant Lloyd’s Register classification rules. EPS is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

EPS 2.2 Hovercraft clients include:-

Navy, Coastguard, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, professional user information to follow

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EPS Corporation - 78 Apple Street, Tinton Falls, NJ USA 07724 TEL +1 732 747 8277

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