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MAPC - GARC Multi Purpose Craft

Overall Length:

3.66 metre / 12 feet

Overall Width / Beam:

1.77 metre / 5 feet 10"


155 hp


40+ Knots

MAPC GARC Multi-Purpose Craft is a jet propulsion craft that is capable of operating in the extremes of the open ocean and in very shallow water. With an open self-bailing transom the GARC allows for a rapid rescue of an unconscious casualty or fast beach extraction. The GARC’s typical users are first responders, emergency services, government agencies and military units.

The GARC has a large beam, high strength hull, large fuel tank and high payload capacity for the size of craft. The  unique hull design provides stability, maneuverability and sea keeping capabilities. The craft can be operated in sea conditions above sea state 6 and excels in the surf zone.

The craft comes with a dual 12 / 24 volt on-board power system, which allows interoperability with commercial and military equipment. The GARC can be fitted with a waterproof ruggedized tablet to aid navigation, display side scan sonar images, provide tracking of other vehicles / personnel, and transmit data.

The GARC has a forced induction 155hp Weber engine which has excellent low end torque and is capable of 40+ knots. It has a standard fuel capacity of 120 Litres (31 US gal) with ample room for extended range fuel tanks using fuel bladders in the port and starboard lockers. The craft can be tailored to the specific needs of the end users and can carry up to four persons plus equipment. A diesel variant of the GARC is under development.

Maritime Applied Physics Corporation - GARC clients include:-

AFSOC, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve Component, U.S. Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)

Contact Details:-

MAPC - Maritime Applied Physics Corporation
1850 Frankfurst Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21226-1024 USA  TEL: +1 443-524-3330

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