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Yale Cordage - 4 Leg RIB Boat Sling

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Davit Boat Lift

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Mil-R / Fast Rope

Yale Cordage 4 Leg RIB Boat Slings were developed to handle RIBs that are lifted onboard ship or carried under helicopters. The design goal was to eliminate wire rope from existing slings. Plus reduce electronic interference, corrosion, wire fish hooks and to overall engineer a safer system. The stainless lift ring, with hand holds and tested / certified welds, is coupled with four Aracom T Maxijacketed legs.

Each Aracom T Maxijacketed rope leg is capable of carrying 34,000 pounds. The heavy duty stainless steel thimbles combine craftsmanship and engineering. Individual rope legs are spliced in-house to tight tolerances. Every sling is proof loaded and shipped with a complete documentation package. Yale part numbers, along with their supporting government drawing numbers, are available for 5.4m RIB Boat Sling, 7m RIB Boat Short Sling, 7m RIB Boat Long Sling, 10m RIB Boat Sling.

Yale Cordage double braids are designed to make mooring and towing lines last longer. Aracom T is a double braid rope consisting of a Technora Aramid core with a high tenacity polyester sleeve that reduces internal abrasion. Aracom T maintains a high degree of flexibility and is easily spliced. Strength of Aracom T is derived from the core, the purpose of the sleeve is to protect the core from abrasion.

Yale Cordage is a custom manufacturer that designs application specific ropes. Yale coated insertion and extraction (fast rope) lines have helped troops get into and out of theatres all over the world. Yale also designs and manufactures rope for specialty applications such as oceanographic arrays and faired electromechanical cables. Yale produces and fabricates various Mil-Spec ropes including Mil-R-24050E, Mil-R-24536, Mil-R-24537.

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Yale Cordage: 77 Industrial Park Road, Saco, ME 04072 USA  Tel: +1 (207) 282-3396

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