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Wing Inflatables Air / Foam & Foam Collars

Outer Material:

Welded Polyurethane

Foam Type:

Closed Cell, High Density

Shock Absorbsion:

Very Good


Cannot Deflate

WING Inflatables specialise in designing and manufacturing RHIB & RIB tubes and sponsons for military and commercial craft. WING Inflatables are suppliers to the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Which type of collar an organisation chooses depends on the specific purpose and application of the RIB in real-world situations.

The air / foam hybrid RHIB and RIB collar melds characteristics of air-holding and foam-insert collars. This air / foam hybrid collar was sought by the Navy, U.S.Coast Guard, and other government and state agencies for the ultimate in performance, shock absorption, and appearance.

The key to the hybrid is the inflatable bladder lying against the hull inside the foam. By inflating the bladder the foam is forced away from the hull bringing the polyurethane sheath around the foam under tension. This makes for a wrinkle free, cosmetically clean and pleasing foam sponson that provides very good shock absorption while holding its shape far better over time than a foam sponson without the internal bladder.

A foam collar sponson consists of closed-cell (non-absorbent) high-density foam surrounded by a polyurethane sheath attached to the hull above and below to keep it in place. In both cases there is some option on shape and profile. The polyurethane outer material is welded and has proven to be superior in strength to glued fabric particularly in the three critical areas of puncture, abrasion, and tear resistance.

Wing Inflatables Air / Foam Collars & Foam Collars clients include:-

Navy, Coastguard, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, professional user information to follow

Contact Details:-

Wing Inflatables
3701 Mt Diablo Blvd, Ste 200. Lafayette, California 94549 USA     Tel: +1 707 826 2887

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