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FloScan Fuel Flow Systems


Electronic / At Engine



Engine Types:

Inboard / Outboard / Gasoline / Diesel


NMEA 2000

FloScan Fuel Flow Systems show exact fuel use for RIBs and high speed craft rather than estimating how much remains in fuel tanks. FloScan electronic sensors determine fuel flow at the engine and the computerized display indicates precise consumption totals. FloScan fuel computers show immediate, accurate data with no limit on how many tanks or engines are in the boat, how fast the boat is travelling or how rough the seas.

The boat's most efficient speed can be set by observing FloScan to assess how fuel usage varies at different speeds and running conditions. FloScan has a model for most gasoline (petrol) engines from outboards to high-performance inboards. FloScan has a model for most marine diesel engines from 25hp to 6000hp. Models are available for single or multiple engine applications

Professional RIB and high speed craft operators use FloScan to identify how much fuel they are burning, to estimate operating range and to warn of developing engine or drive train problems. Commercial operators use FloScan as a method to document fuel usage per job for billing purposes and to reduce fuel consumption.

Marine electronics manufacturers can incorporate FloScan fuel flow information. Garmin, Lowrance, Maretron and Krill Systems offer compatibility. Data that can be displayed includes gallons / litres per hour, gallons / litres consumed, gallons / litres remaining, nautical miles per gallon / litres per nautical mile and distance to empty. FloNET hub installation connects to the NMEA 2000 trunk line via DeviceNET cabling and connectors. FloNET uses PGN 65280, PGN 65281, PGN 127489 and PGN 127497.

FloScan Fuel Flow Systems clients include:-

United States Coast Guard, National Oceanic & Air Administration (NOAA), Army Corps of Engineers, Washington State Ferries, Cape May - Lewes Ferries, Foss Maritime, SeaSpan, Island Tug & Barge, Trident Seafoods, Western Seafoods

Contact Details:-

FloScan Instrument Co Inc - TEL +1 206 524 6625

3016 NE Blakeley St., Seattle, Washington 98105 USA

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