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ATL FluoroCell Fuel Bladders

Fuel Compatible:

Multiple Types

Temperature Tolerance:

210F Continuous


Scuff & Cut Resistant

Self Supporting:

Resists Deforming

ATL FluoroCell bladders are fuel compatible bladders that readily accept and resist high-aromatic gasolines, ethanol oxygenated fuels, jet fuel, diesel, bio-diesel, bio-butanol, MTBE, crude oil, Bunker C, octane boosters, methanol and nitro-methane. Tolerance for continuous temperatures of 210°F (100°C) with brief excursions to 400°F (200°C). Excellent resistance to UV rays, shock, vibration, freeze-thaw cycles, ozone, acids, salt water, alkalis, hydraulic fluids and even NBC hazards.

Extensive research and testing have yielded a bladder with excellent scuff, cut and abrasion resistance. There are no ‘extractables’, such as gum residue or plasticizers, to leach out and contaminate fuel. Environmentally green in that they reduce fuel vapor diffusion emissions to 1/100th that of conventional fuel bladders without the need of any barrier coating. FluoroCell reinforcing-fabrics are produced from organic materials, then coated with elastomers synthesized from base minerals.

ATL FluoroCell bladders can be fitted with internal baffles, pump mounts, collectors either during cell manufacture or later as an upgrade and are readily repairable if ever damaged. Pliable and fully deformable, yet totally self-supporting in their containers or cavities. This self-support feature allows FluoroCell bladders to maintain their shape without the need for internal foam baffling in most cases.

ATL SuperCell Marine Fuel Cells are produced on Ballistic Nylon woven fabrics. These Fuel Cells are lightweight, super tough, impact and puncture resistant, non-exploding, non-corroding and immune to shock and vibration. They are fully foam baffled for surge suppression, and are impervious to race fuels, jet fuel, diesel and most additives. Accessories include fuel fittings, cap assemblies, gauges, pumps, surge tanks and interconnecting valves.

ATL FluoroCell Fuel Bladders clients include:-

ADM Shipyards, USMI - United States Marine Inc, Fountain Power Boats, Outerlimits Power Boats, MTI, Turbine Marine, Mystic Powerboats, Nor-Tech, Seebold Racing

Contact Details:-

ATL USA - 45 Spear Road Industrial Park, Ramsey, New Jersey USA

ATL Europe - 1 Patriot Drive, Rooksley Park, Milton Keynes, MK13 8PU UK

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