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TSS ProtecTank Ballistic Fuel Tanks

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New Fuel Tanks / Retrofit to Existing

A TSS ProtecTank® can be equipped with a specially developed fuel-swellable foam to make it into a Self-Sealing fuel tank. With Self-Sealing and Safety Foam fitted fuel tanks, the danger of explosions caused by gunfire, lightning or electrical ignition is virtually eliminated. Safety Foam also reduces the sloshing effect in fuel tanks caused by heavy sea-waves, centrifugal forces and de-/acceleration. The anti-static, open cell Safety Foam can be applied according to customer requests or to USAF military standards MIL-F-87260A.

TSS ProtecTank explosion-suppressant fuel tanks contain a flexible polyurethane (polyether) Safety Foam with open pores, composed of a skeletal network of lightweight interconnecting strands which act as a three dimensional fire screen. The capacity of the fuel tank is reduced by only 3% of its maximum volume, whilst giving a 99% protection level from explosions.

TSS Self-Sealing ProtecTank ensures that the fuel stays in the fuel tank, where it is protected from penetrating bullets, fire or explosions. All Self-Sealing fuel tanks incorporate a number of layers of Kevlar or Dyneema under a protective polyurethane Flame Retardant outer coating to UL94 Standards. The combination provides protection from the threat of numerous ammunitions.

TSS ProtecTank modifications can be applied to existing fuel tanks made of steel, stainless steel or HDPE. 90% of all conversions can be done on original OEM fuel tanks. TSS International also offer tailor made fuel tanks to customer specifications. Fuel tanks have undergone and withstood ballistic tests with 3.57 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9mm NATO, 7.62 Ball, 7.62 APHEI, 5.56 NATO and 0.50 Ball and 0.50 APHEI.

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