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Wing Inflatable Boat Small (IBS)

Length Overall:

3.6 metre / 12 feet

Width Overall:

1.66 metre / 5 feet 5"

Maximum Payload:

612kg / 1350 lbs


6 Persons

The Wing Inflatable Boat Small (IBS) series was developed by experts in white-water rafting, swift water rescue, surf zone and littoral boat operations. Wing Inflatables specialises in thermo-welding high-strength, long-lasting polyurethane coated fabrics in various designs and applications. The IBS is the culmination of two decades of experimenting and testing designs in some of the harshest environments including shooting rapids, strafing rocks, dropping down waterfalls and breaking surf.

The Wing Inflatable Boat Small (IBS) series features fully inflatable boats made of extremely durable polyurethane for use in challenging conditions. The IBS, made of 40 oz Polyurethane, is light weight and easily transportable with multiple chambers, welded-polyurethane fabric and high grade valves. Standard features include skid-resistant tube top surface, topside grab lines and inboard handles. The boat is designed to be paddled. A transom mount is available for optional engine.

The IBS was originally developed to withstand the punishing white water environment. The 6 person Inflatable Boat Small (IBS) is used by the Navy SEALs for their Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUDS). The IBS has a wide range of applications from assisting clandestine operations to use as a tough marina workboat.

The smaller version of the IBS, the Inflatable Boat Xtra Small (IBXS) is designed and built as a light weight, rapidly deployable 3 person inflatable boat. The IBXS, made of 32 oz Polyurethane, is light weight and includes a rucksack for transport and expedient deployment. This simple design has 2 valves/chambers, forward and aft, plus a full perimeter rubbing strake.

Wing Inflatables clients include:-

Navy, Coastguard, Special Forces, Search & Rescue, professional users

Contact Details:-

Wing Inflatables
3701 Mt Diablo Blvd, Ste 200. Lafayette, California 94549 USA     Tel: +1 707 826 2887

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