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Virtual Marine Technology (VMT) develop simulators for Fast Response Craft (FRC), survival craft and high speed electronic navigation training. VMT is partnered with Canada's leading maritime institutions to research, model and simulate small craft motion. Complementing their simulation expertise is a team of mariners with over 70 years of coastguard, teaching and regulatory experience.

VMT MissionQuest simulators reduce training risk and enable crews to repeatedly prepare for situations too expensive or too dangerous to replicate using on-water training. MissionQuest is designed to enable trainees to practice basic skills training, positive control, search and rescue operations and tactics plus FRC coxswain and boatman training. VMT training simulators allow instructors to deliver training scenarios that cater to the specific needs of their crew.

By incorporating MissionQuest into FRC training programs organisations are able to increase training frequency and focus. Replicating mission specific conditions in the real world is difficult and time consuming. MissionQuest is designed to rapidly develop, deploy and repeat mission specific tasks so trainees gain operational competence and familiarity.

MissionQuest reduces training and operational risk by allowing trainees to run through mission related tasks in a safe, simulated environment prior to progressing to on-water training. By enabling trainees to safely practice difficult and dangerous tasks in a simulated environment MissionQuest better prepares them for operational success. Fleet operators are able to optimise on-water training time. As a result vessels spend less time out of the service cycle and operation and maintenance costs are reduced.

Virtual Marine Technology (VMT) clients include:-

Canadian Coast Guard, Institute Maritime de Quebec, Victoria Police, Victoria Fire Department, QuickNav Navigation School Vancouver BC, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Off-Shore Survival and Safety School (Newfoundland), Survival Systems International

Contact Details:-

Virtual Marine Technology - TEL +1 709 738 6306

20 Hallett Cresent, St. John's, Newfoundland, A1B 3N4 Canada

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