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Dual Tramsmitter:

406 MHz / 121.5MHz

Power Output:




Battery Life:

5 Years Storage

McMurdo SMARTFIND E5 / G5 EPIRB are 406 MHz EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon - units designed to operate with the COSPAS-SARSAT international search and rescue system. Once removed from the Carry Safe Manual Bracket the unit can be activated automatically by immersion in water, or manually by following the activation instructions printed on the unit. Both units include an LED flash light which can assist in speeding up recovery during night time rescues.

The G5 SMARTFIND PLUS has all the advanced features of the standard E5 SMARTFIND with the addition of an integral multi-channel GPS receiver. The addition of a GPS receiver to the EPIRB ensures that the exact position of a casualty is relayed to the rescue services. This can in turn improve the speed of recovery by updating the position of the beacon at regular intervals.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) uses an array of satellites and provides continuous positional information with a typical accuracy of around 30 metres (100 feet). When speed of response and accuracy of location are important considerations this incorporation of GPS positional information can greatly reduce the time it takes for SAR authorities to arrive on the scene.

Meeting the demands of both commercial mariners and recreational boaters the McMurdo SMARTFIND incorporates next generation EPIRB technology and comes complete with a Carry Safe Manual Bracket. The optional Auto Float Free Housing meets SOLAS requirements and will automatically deploy the EPIRB when submerged to a depth lower than 2 to 4 metres (6 to 12 feet) in the sea.

McMurdo SMARTFIND E5 / G5 EPIRB clients include:-

Royal Navy, Cunard, SOLAS Vessels, Work Boats

Contact Details:-

McMurdo Limited - TEL +44 (0)2392 623962

Silver Point, Airport Service Road, Portsmouth PO3 5PB UK

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