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Sea Marshall Man Overboard System

MOB System:

Alert & Locate


Personal Locating Beacon (PLB)


From Base Unit NMEA GPS Plot

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Sea Marshall Man Overboard locator system gives 24/7 monitoring of crew and immediate alert of a man overboard incident. The Sea Marshall system enables the craft to self manage the incident by quickly tracking and locating the missing person. If a crew member falls overboard the Sea Marshall SARfinder uses a GPS plot as part of a man overboard locating system that automatically locates a conscious or unconscious crew member.

The Sea Marshall Maritime Survivor Locating Device (MSLD) is a two part ‘Alert & Locate’ system that is used to provide safety cover for virtually any application on, under or around water. The alerting unit is an SOS transmitter, worn on the person that is also known as a Personal Locating Beacon (PLB). The base unit on the vessel has combined monitor, receiver, alarm and locator functions.

The man overboard locating safety system follows a four step process. Step one, a person wearing the AU9 man overboard alerting unit (PLB) falls overboard. Step two, SARfinder receives an SOS signal, then automatically raises the alarm and automatically plots a GPS position of the boat. Step three, SARfinder shows direction of missing person on compass style LED display and approximate range. Step four, boat tracks SOS signal and if outside help is needed SAR authorities can track missing person on 121.5MHz.

The Sea Marshall AU9 is a fully automatic digital personal locator beacon. It is small, comfortable to wear and can be integrated with protective clothing or a lifejacket. The robust unit has automatic activation upon immersion. The battery is user replaceable with low battery indicator. Standard power output is 100mW with 500mW long range option.

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