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Rosborough Boats Rough Water 8.50

Overall Length:

8.5 Metre / 28 Feet

Overall Width / Beam:

3.2 metre / 10 Feet 6"

Maximum Payload:

4400 kg / 9700 lbs

Recommended Power:

Twin Engines / Total 450 hp

Rosborough Boats Rough Water 8.50 RIB is designed to offer greater seaworthiness at speed in rough conditions as well as greater personnel carrying capacity for the professional marine community. The Rough Water 8.50 is semi-custom to match the present and future needs of its operators for mission requirements on a day to day and emergency level.

Rough Water hulls are a unique design incorporating a deep V at 23 degrees, continuous dead rise hull form with full length planning strakes and curved bilge chine. The result of these hull design characteristics is a boat that gives a softer ride with minimal spray and offers good handling in heavy seas. The narrow fore foot and deep dead rise provide a hull that is easier to push through the seas, more efficient with moderate power and substantially faster with large power units.

Rosborough Rough Water RIBs are uniquely constructed using the latest available lamination and assembly techniques which ensure durability and low maintenance. The main construction consists of heavily laminated, one piece moulded FRP / GRP hull, floor, tube carriers, decks, dash, bulkhead, console, superstructure, roofs and doors.

Good vision and ergonomics are important in the layout of the 8.50 wheelhouse, dashboard and controls. Comfortable seating, safety hand grabs and non skid floor surfaces provide safety and comfort for the crew operating in extreme temperatures during daylight or darkness. The Rough Water 8.50 is configured for twin outboards up to 450hp but will operate efficiently with smaller power units. Other power options include diesel stern drives and jet units.

Rosborough Boats clients include:-

Canadian Coast Guard, Canadian Fisheries Management Police (DFO), Canadian Federal Police (RCMP), Sûreté du Québec (Quebec Provincial Police), Rhode Island DEM Enforcement Division

Contact Details:-

Rosborough Boats - TEL +1 902 450 3262

1248 St Margaret's Bay Road, Beechville, Nova Scotia, B3T 1A7 Canada

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